Public Writing

Fear in the Classroom: How Hong Kong’s National Security Law Suppresses Academic and Intellectual Freedom.Made in China Journal, Oct 21, 2020. 

Hong Kong: A City of Disappearances,” Hong Kong Protesting (a project of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal), Sept 1, 2020.


Hong Kong Is a Local Tragedy, Not a Geopolitical Shuttlecock,” co-authored with Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Foreign Policy, August 18, 2020.


ICE’s new international student policy stokes the flames of US nationalism,” Lausan, July 9, 2020.


從疫情看性別與再生產勞動 (Understanding Gender and Reproductive Labor through the Pandemic),”   立場新聞 (Stand News), June 5, 2020.


Banning the Tiananmen Vigil Must not Stop us from Building Solidarity with the Mainland,” Lausan, June 4, 2020.


One Country, Two Identities: The Divergence of National Identities in Hong Kong,” The Asia Dialogue. Feb 5, 2020.


In Hong Kong Free Press:


Huang, Kun. “ ‘Anti-Blackness’ in Chinese Racial-Nationalism: Sex/Gender, Reproduction, and Metaphors of Pathology.” Positions: Asia Critique (Praxis). July 25, 2020. Translated with Roy Chan. 

Hong Kong Unison. “What Black Lives Matter Tells us about Racism and Violent Policing in Hong Kong.” Lausan. July 12, 2020.

Wong, Ahkok Chun-kok. “ ‘‘Who do you call when the police murder?’ A New International Front.” Lausan. June 20, 2020. 

Media Coverage


“Hong Kong, Disappearances and the Emotional Cost of Disinformation,” The Fire These Times, Sept 11, 2020.


“Sharon Yam on Rhetoric and Hong Kong,” Rationally Exuberant, July 17, 2020


“Inconvenient Strangers: Transnational Subjects and the Politics of Citizenship,” New Books Network, June 3, 2020


News Media

A Hong Kong teenager's death became a magnet for conspiracies, and exposed deep problems in how the city operates,” CNN, Sept 20, 2020.


“Liberal group cancels event with Hong Kong activist following internal 'concerns' and external criticism from pro-China pundits,” Business Insider, June 19, 2020.


“Grassroots movement against police brutality in Hong Kong & US,” TBS eFM This Morning, June 17, 2020. 



"A Hong Kong Academic in the US, " We are HKersJune 18, 2020

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